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Featured Shows

What’s in Your Yazzii?

Host: Yasmita Magan

Yazzii creates beautiful, hand-crafted storage bags for all craft disciplines. These multi-functional and versatile bags are perfect for your classes, retreats and home storage.

Wed’s, 8PM CT

Fabric to DYE For!

Host: Karla Overland

This is the place to come for a big dose of COLOR!  Discover the joy of letting the color do the work for you.

Thu’s, 7PM CT

Muppin’s Sewing Emporium

Host: Cheryl Sleboda

What happens when you mix a little bit of weird, a little bit of rock-n-roll, and a lot of sewing expertise? You get sew much fun!

Fri’s, 7PM CT


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Are you looking for the latest and most interesting quilting products, patterns, tools, and more? The Quilter’s Shopping Network is here to help you find them! By joining our Facebook group, you can watch shows at your convenience on subjects and styles that appeal to you. Buy right from the shop, designer, or manufacturer too! We’d love to have you and hope to see you on the Network!

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If you are a sewing business with a deep product catalog, a weekly series is just the thing to get out in front of excited quilters who are looking for new things! Our Hosts can utilize the power of our Facebook Group to host Live shows to meet new customers and showcase their products. Get access to sales tools and many more benefits by becoming a Series Host today!

Pilot Hosts

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Need to launch a product to an excited and interested quilting audience? If you want to try a Show on our Network but don’t want to host a full Series, a Pilot Show might be for you. Get your feet wet with going Live on our Network and introduce yourself to an enthusiastic group of buyers ready and waiting to meet you! Find out more about becoming a Pilot Host and apply today for your next Broadcast!


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