Current Series

Check out the awesome recurring shows we have in our lineup and learn more about the show hosts.

Muppin's Sewing Emporium

What happens when you mix a little bit of weird, a little bit of rock-n-roll, and a lot of sewing expertise? You get sew much fun!

Color Happens with Fiber on a Whim!

We may think we know how a piece will turn out as we dye it but Color Happens and often delivers something different. We will offer those specialty fabrics, new colors, and more here on QSN!

What's in Your Yazzii?

Yazzii creates beautiful, hand-crafted storage bags for all craft disciplines. These multi-functional and versatile bags are perfect for your classes, retreats and home storage.

Declutter and get organized!

Fabric to DYE for!

This is the place to come for a big dose of COLOR! Rich, saturated, glorious, solid color! Discover the joy of letting the color do the work for you.

A World of Handcrafts

Join the Bald Guy in a Kilt as he explores different hand crafts and projects. From embroidery to sashiko and beyond. Suitable for all age groups and skill levels, we will be learning hand crafting together.