Host a Pilot Episode

A one-time Pilot Episode might be the perfect avenue to raise awareness and promote sales.

We are now currently booking Pilot Episodes! 

Use a Pilot Episode for:

Book Launch

New and established authors can use this as a stop on their book tour.

New Product

Product launches and pre-sales are a great format for a single episode.

Special Promotion

Unique items, one-of-a-kind sales, designer samples, group sales, etc.

A Pilot Show, or one off show, can be booked to fill any void in our calendar. Pilot time slots are $45 for each hour.

To start a Pilot, fill out the Host Application Form (below) and work with us on the time or day you would like to book. If you are planning more than 3 months ahead for a specific product launch, please contact the Admins.

Pilot Hosts must follow the same rules as Series Hosts. You will receive the host rules with your invoice.

You will receive info on how to download Sling (our free scheduler app).

Pilot Hosts may access our Show Host Incubator Group for $20 per month. please contact the Admins if you want to join the Incubator.

Once your Pilot is scheduled, you may be preempted if a newly-accepted Series needs to start in that time slot. We will contact you to make arrangements if we need to reschedule your Pilot.

Host Application Form

  • Please upload a PNG version of your logo with a transparent background.
  • Please provide a 100 word bio on the host(s) of your show or about your business in general.
  • enter the entire web address including http:// or https://
  • Please provide the link to your account for the services listed below.
  • Are you interested in hosting a Pilot (one time) or Series (weekly)?
  • What name do you want to appear on the schedule for your show?
  • Please provide a 35 word max description for your show.
  • Please choose a day or days that might work for your broadcast.
  • Do you have one or more preferred time slots that might work for you?
  • If none of the time slots work for you, please indicate a different time you would prefer (in Central time).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Why don't we have a contact form? Because spammers ruin everything. If you need to get in touch, you can hit us up on the Quilters' Shopping Network Facebook page or email us at the address to the right.


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