Host a Weekly Series

A weekly series enables you to build an audience, develop a consistent relationship with your viewers, and drive product sales.

Use a Weekly Series for:

Deep Inventory

Feature your wide and varied inventory on a weekly show.

Demo Tools & Notions

Use a series to demo the many ways your tools can be used.

Feature Ambassadors

Highlight your ambassadors and the ways they use your product.

Our goal with QSN is to create a platform to enable small businesses in our industry to target a group of qualified buyers with direct product sales, using Facebook Live & Facebook Groups as the selling medium. By bringing businesses together in one space, it reduces the number of places that people need to search to find new products and tools for their sewing and quilting needs.

Let’s be clear: the primary purpose of QSN is to sell products. We expect each Host to use their time on the Network to introduce the viewers to their product offering and purposefully ask for the sale. We believe this is a more effective way to generate revenue than merely offering free content during a live broadcast.

The only fees that are due to QSN are your quarterly network payment; we do not take a percentage of sales or get involved in your sales transactions. The fees you pay to the Network are used to pay for group advertising and other services to support the Network.

Series Host Benefits

  • Run the show the way you want, and keep all your sales earnings (i.e. no additional fees from QSN)
  • Shows are in front of self-identified buyers
  • Growth through Network social media ads
  • SMS Reminders before you go on air
  • Business Logo on FB Cover image for QSN group and page
  • Instagram Story highlight features
  • Public Show Page on the website
  • Improve video & promotion skills in our private QSN Show Host Incubator Group
  • Crowdsource ideas from other hosts to increase engagement and viewership
  • Monthly, live Q&A calls to share feedback, ask questions
  • Create partnerships and cross-promo opportunities between hosts
  • Hot Product feature in Newsletter (if selected)
  • Hot Product feature in Recap show (if selected)

A Series can be booked to fill a regular weekly slot in our calendar for a quarterly fee. By signing up for a Series, you are committing to host the show each week on your regular time and day.

To sign up to host a series, fill our the Series Host application form (below), and tell us what you would like for your regular hosting day and time. (We can move any Pilot Shows that conflict with your Series.)

You must agree to the Hosting Rules in order to Host a Series. You will receive the host rules with your invoice.

You will also receive info on how to download Sling (our free scheduler app).

Ready to apply? Download this handy checklist to help you gather the items you need to get your show ready for broadcast.

Host Application Form

  • Please upload a PNG version of your logo with a transparent background.
  • Please provide a 100 word bio on the host(s) of your show or about your business in general.
  • enter the entire web address including http:// or https://
  • Please provide the link to your account for the services listed below.
  • Are you interested in hosting a Pilot (one time) or Series (weekly)?
  • What name do you want to appear on the schedule for your show?
  • Please provide a 35 word max description for your show.
  • Please choose a day or days that might work for your broadcast.
  • Do you have one or more preferred time slots that might work for you?
  • If none of the time slots work for you, please indicate a different time you would prefer (in Central time).
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Why don't we have a contact form? Because spammers ruin everything. If you need to get in touch, you can hit us up on the Quilters' Shopping Network Facebook page or email us at the address to the right.


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