Sling for Hosts

QSN uses an app called Sling to manage your Show timeslots.  This app will remind you on your phone one hour before your show “shift” starts, so that you never miss your show broadcast time. 

Get Help Using Sling

If you need help using Sling, you can access the support pages here:

Login to an Existing Account

If your show is already approved and you have an existing account on Sling, login here:

Sign up for a New Account

If this is your first time hosting and you do not have a Sling account, once your series has been approved and you have been assigned a time slot, you will get an email from Sling asking you to make an account.  The email you used to sign up for your series with QSN will be the one used for this Sling email address. 

Once you have the registration email, complete your registration at the Sling website.  When finished, you will get a confirmation email, and a link to the App Store or Google Play store to download the Sling App to your phone or tablet. 

Inside the app, connect the account you made online to the app, and your show notifications will come to your device when your show is about to air.  (Note: you must have notifications turned ON for these to alert you on your device.)

Now you are all set to be notified when your Show is about to air!